Hanani Conscious Fashion

A proudly female-owned company producing sustainable clothing in Zimbabwe and South Africa 

How did we start?

Our brand was born from the dreams of Zanele Nkomo, a Zimbabwean mother of three who had always wanted to produce ethical clothing. She connected with Miriam Davidovic, an entrepreneur and impact investor, and together, they launched the Hanani brand to support women from Southern Africa in attaining meaningful employment through skills development. Wearing a piece made by Hanani represents the life stories of the women who produce our clothing. It is for women and girls, made by women, and focused on the global trend of modest and tzniut clothing.

It means reaching beyond the self and looking above for the bigger picture.  Modest clothing is about moving beyond fast fashion, and choosing pieces that represent our values and beliefs, pieces built to last and represent the positive change we are creating in the world. 

Our Founders

Zanele Nkomo

Miriam Davidovic

Conscious living

Clothing produced by Hanani Conscious Fashion represents the values of our Co-Founders. Our primary aim is to empower women through equitable employment that provides them with opportunity for advancement. After our social purpose, we prioritise sustainable material use by incorporating hemp, organic cotton and tencel fabrics into our work, whilst minimising the use of plastic. Our goal is to produce clothing that is 100% plastic-free and made exclusively of natural and sustainable materials.

We realise SDG4: Quality Education and SDG5: Gender Equality through our work by actively providing training the ladies that produce our pieces. We provide technical training on the manufacturing side of the business. We work with Roshem Impact to ensure equal attention is paid to up-skilling our manufacturing team and including them on our stakeholder board, and in our marketing and business development initiatives.